Like, Chrysail, I can, like, be with Tom! Don't judge me…
—Alyssa Minci to Chrysail Salvador
Alyssa Minci
Alyssa Minci
Full Name Alyssa Minci
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 15
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number 1892
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Romances Tom Salvador (boyfriend)
Kiki Gozel (ex)
James Codney (ex)
Enemies Chrysail Salvador
Hailey Gozel
Alex Poper

Alyssa Minci is a character who is in Chilly's Crew.


Alyssa is a light tanned chihuahua. She has a white muzzle and part of her ears are white. Her paws, are pink and her two front paws have white on the top. She also has a pink nose, and pink inside the ears. She also has white fur on her neck.

She normally wears a purple shirt, with a star headband.


Alyssa is a typical popular and nice girl. She isn't mean to anyone, unless it's Hailey Gozel or Chrysail.


Alyssa is one of the lucky people in this school to have both parents still together. Her father is a baker. She has 2 twin cousins named Chloe and Connor.

Alyssa used to have a relationship with Kiki and James, but broke up with both after cheating with both. Alyssa now is In a Relationship with Tom.


  • Alyssa likes helping the environment.
  • Alyssa likes and is good at playing the guitar.

Acting asEdit

  • Acts as Nicole in LPS: Popularity School.
  • Acts as Herself in LPS: Water Witch.