Angela Bunnyhold
Angela Bunnyhold
Full Name Angela Bunnyhold
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 16
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Student
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number 3
Family Diane Bunnyhold
Cassidy Pidgeoney
Friends Cassidy Pidgeoney
Diane Bunnyhold
Romances James Codney (ex-enemy)
Unknown Boy (boyfriend)
Enemies James Codney
Samantha Davis
Tom Salvador

Angela Bunnyhold is a character who is in Chilly's Crew.


Angela is a white rabbit with green and blue eyes. She has pink inside her ears, and she has a pink nose. She doesn't have black eyelashes, but she has brown eyelashes.

She normally wears a variety of dresses. Look at her Gallery for examples.


Angela is a mean popular girl and she is the arch-enemy to Samantha Davis. She is only nice and kind to certain people.


Angela is mean for a reason; her father isn't very nice to her, and her mother died two years before she went to high school. She was a LOT nicer then. People like to tease her about it, but it has not helped that person. She slapped James Codney when he said that Angela wasn't a complete person because of her mother being gone.

Angela was once with James Codney but broke up once James saw Angela being mean to Samantha. Angela now is with a Unknown Boy who is not seen. No one knows anything about him except that he has a problem with that if he laughs for too long, he will faint. She also doesn't know that Naomi is James' girlfriend, but once she knows she'll explode!

Role SummaryEdit

LPS: Popularity SchoolEdit

Angela was not seen as a main character in Episode 1, making small cameos in the background. She is also seen in the beginning of Episode 2.


  • Angela secretly loves James still.
  • Angela likes bad jokes.
  • Angela cannot cook.

Acting asEdit

  • Acts as Marella in LPS: Popularity School.