Cassidy Pidgeoney
Cassidy Pidgeoney
Full Name Cassidy Lula Pidgeoney
Nickname(s) Cass
Gender Female
Age 14
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number 1442
Family Unknown
Friends Diane Bunnyhold
Angela Bunnyhold
Romances Kiki Gozel
Enemies Samantha Davis


Cassidy is a light yellow pidgin with bright blue eyes. She has purple on her tail, her chest, and three raindrops on her head. She has a yellow beak and feet.


Cassidy is sweet and funny sometimes. Sometimes she does things on film that Chilly didn't plan, but actually make the episode BETTER.


Cassidy has 2 sisters, Angela and Diane. She is kinda the odd one out because she was adopted, while Angela and Diane have biological parents.

Cassidy is in love with Kiki Gozel. But that may change in Chrysail's favour.



Acting asEdit

  • Acts as Cassidy Geniveve in LPS: Popularity School.