Full Name Chilly (last name unknown)
Nickname(s) Cookie (everyone)
Chil (Xander and Naomi)
Gender Female
Age 14 (April 15)
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Manager (of chilly's crew)
Student (in high school)
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number (unknown)
Family Brandon
Friends Naomi Augustine
Xander Fern (sort of)
Romances James Codney (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies None

Chilly is a character in Chilly's Crew, being known for managing and founding it. She is the LPS that represents ChillyCookie5.


Chilly is a pink fairy with aqua-ish eyes. She has darker pink hair with some white streaks. Her paws are purple and she has pink and cyan-ish wings, along with some orange and purple.

She normally wears a golden scarf.


Chilly is a typical nice manager of a filming studio. But she can be fierce and rough to others when mad. She is known for going with things on a whim, even if others disagree.



Chilly cares a lot about Brandon, but she doesn't let him know about that. She is kinda rough with him to make him think that she doesn't care.

Naomi AugustineEdit

Chilly is friends with Naomi Augustine, since they both are very high in status in Chilly's Crew. They often switch spots, having Naomi call the shots instead of Chilly, and Chilly being lesser and more of the actress.

Xander FernEdit

Chilly is friends with Xander, but she can get annoyed because of his different views on how Chilly's Crew should work and do things.

James CodneyEdit

They used to be together, but they broke up for unknown reasons. No ill will between them though.


  • Chilly is secretly a tomboy, but PLEASE don't tell her that.
  • Chilly wants to be seen as a emo, but she is not.
  • Chilly will be playing the complete Mega Man Classic Series (MM1-8, &B)
  • Chilly is known for spontaneously hosting elimination shows.