Chrysail Salvador
Chrysail Salvador2
Full Name Chrysail Salvador
Nickname(s) Chrissy
Gender Female
Age 15
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number 52
Family Tom Salvador(twin brother)
Sally Salvador(little sister)
Mrs. Salvador(mother)
Mr. Salvador(father)
Friends Hailey Gozel
Romances N/A
Enemies Alyssa Minci

Chrysail Salvador is a character who is in Chilly's Crew.


Chrysail is a white and yellow tabby cat, kind of like her brother Tom. She has light blue eyes, and she has thinner tail. She also has a pimple on her ear.

She normally wears a green hat and orange glasses to school.


Chrysail is a overprotective tabby, but she is nice when she is happy. People think that she is emo, but she is not.


Chrysail's mother divorced with her father, but her father is happy. She also is very overprotective of Tom, and does not like Alyssa because of it.

Chrysail has never been In a Relationship. She is single.


  • Chrysail really likes birdwatching and planes.
  • Chrysail has Aichmophobia.
  • Chrysail sometimes wears her glasses upside down and some people tease her about it.

Acting asEdit

  • Acts as Crystal's old look in LPS: Popularity School.