"Crystal, I don't think It's a good idea to get a makeover" ~Hailey Gozel to Crystal Salvador

Hailey Gozel
Hailey Gozel
Full Name Hailey Gozel
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 15
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number Unknown
Family Kiki Gozel
Friends Kiki Gozel
Romances James Codney (ex)
Peter Brownie (ex)
Bernard Brownie (boyfriend)
Enemies Alyssa Minci
Hailey Gozel is a character in the ChillyCookie Universe.


Hailey is a reddish brown monkey with deep blue eyes with a tint of gold. She has a tannish orange mask on her face and she used to look exactly like Kiki Gozel, but she got a makeover.

She normally wears a dress with pink polka-dots to school.


Hailey is nice person, but can be mean. She is a Pink lover, and is the reason why she wears pink polka-dot dresses to school.


Hailey's mother is dead, but her father is still alive. Hailey, Kiki, and their Father have a friendly relationship. Hailey misses her mother a lot, so her friends try not to bring up the conversation. However, her enemies take advantage of this. She is very close with her Grandpa, and her cousin Miki, who lives in Iawah.

Hailey used to have a relationship with Peter, but he was too clingy, and Hailey broke up with him. Hailey also had a short relationship with James, but they broke up 2 weeks from becoming a item. Finally, Hailey is currently in a relationship with Bernard, and Peter is kind of jealous of Bernard.


  • Hailey sometimes tells white lies.
  • Hailey used to really like playing with dolls.
  • Hailey also likes computers.
  • Hailey is good at climbing.
  • Hailey secretly keeps a diary full of secrets. Don't tell anyone... Ssh.....

Acting asEdit

  • Acts as Alana in LPS: Popularity School.