LPS: Popularity School
Aired Sept 14, 2013
Pilot Meet the School
Finale N/A
Director ChillyCookie5
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Littlest Pet Shop: Popularity School (A.K.A: LPS: Popularity School) is a teen drama series by ChillyCookie5 about Crystal and Tom Salvador's journey of epic proportions to the top of the Popularity Chart!


Crystal and Tom Salvador have been exchanged to a new school called Popularity School. Little do they know that the school has many secrets and tricks up it's sleeves! ...If schools even have sleeves.


Picture Title Airdate Episode # Views
LPSPS-S1E1-thumb Meet the School Sept 14, 2013 1 880+
Crystal and Tom Salvador are going to a new school called Popularity School (A.K.A: The Title.) They meet 2 new friends, but Crystal is wondering why the school is punishing her for being a new girl...

Meanwhile, Nicole and Alana are trying to tell Crystal and Tom about the secrets of the School.

LPSPS-S1E2-thumb Operation Unravel Sept 21, 2013 2 350+
Crystal goes to her new class, of which's teacher is really dumb and likes video subjects and memes. She gets assigned to her new desk, which she has to share with the hottest boy in the school, James Smith. She starts hearing rumours about a girl named Marella and the mysterious secrets of her school, so she sets out to find out about the secrets of Popularity School…
LPSPS-S1E3-thumb Thick Personality Dec 1, 2013 3 130+
Crystal comes back from her little rage-time intact, and goes to the cafeteria. However, Alyssa and Crystal have not seen Alana since morning... What has happened to her? Also, Marella announces that the entire school is invited to a sleepover... Seems innocent, but will Crystal be going without a date?
LPSPS-S1E4-thumb Sleepovhur Pt. 1 Mar 7, 2014 4 170+
The Genevieves are having a sleepover, and only girls with dates are allowed! Luckily, Crystal finds a date just before the sleepover begins. But Crystal senses that something is amiss. Is Crystal correct, or are Marella and her cronies just wanting to redeem themselves?