Naomi Augustine
Naomi Augustine
Full Name Naomi Augustine
Nickname(s) Nao (everyone)
Omie (Xander)
Gender Female
Age 16 (April 1st)
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number Unknown
Family Sarah Augustine
Xander Fern (adopted)
Friends Galaxy Eclipse
Iris Draco
Jacob Quinly
Xander Fern
Romances James Codney (current)
Enemies Angela Bunnyhold
Sarah Augustine (sometimes)
Paulina Evodkiya

Naomi Augustine is a character in Chilly's Crew.


Naomi is a blonde cockerspaniel with green eyes. She look a lot like Rachel Rivera though she is not even related to her. Though she has a little bit of orange as well.


Naomi is very techy, she is one of the smartest with computers out of all the crew and she helps Chilly with everything technical. She is a Computer Geek no matter what, and she loves Video Games as well. She is Nerd Nerd NERD!


Naomi only has 1 known family member which is her big sister, Sarah Augustine. But Xander is also in the family, but he was adopted.


  • Naomi will be completing Sonic the Hedgehog Series (1-3&K, CD)
  • Naomi's Favorite Color is Blue.
  • Naomi is a competitive video gamer (she runs Pokémon Black)

Acting asEdit

No one for now.