Sally Salvador
Full Name Sally Hexy Salvador
Nickname(s) Sal
Gender Female
Age 13
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Student
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number Not done due to no picture
Family Tom Salvador(Big brother)
Chrysail Salvador(big sister)
Mrs. Salvador(mother)
Mr. Salvador(father)
Friends Amy Dillins
Romances N/A
Enemies N/A


Sally is sapposed to be a dachshund, but she has no picture yet, so we dont accually know what she looks like yet. But all we know that she is a dachshund.

She normally wears a blue skirt to school.


Sally is a cute, and kind dachshund though when she is angry she gets sassy and all like "Like, {insert name here}, im tottaly better then you." But most of the time she is happy.


Sally's mother divorced with her father, but her father is happy. She is the only dachshund in the family because she was adopted when Tom and Chrysail were 2.

Chrysail has never been In a Relationship. She is single.


  • Sally used to be homeschooled.

Acting asEdit

  • Sapposed to act as Caroline in LPS: Troubled Matters being the supportive character of the main character being one of the only nice ones.