Sarah Augustine
Full Name Sarah Sharp Augustine
Nickname(s) N/A
Gender Female
Age 17
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status RECOVERY (Broken leg)
Identification Number Unknown
Family Naomi Augustine
Friends Tulip Rosemary
Josephina Blossom(formerly)
Paulina Evodkiya(formerly)
Romances Jacob Quinly(Boyfriend)
Enemies Unknown


Sarah is a white and yellow/orange cocker spaniel with blue eyes, she has purple flowers on her forehead and has orange head-hair. She also has orange ears with white spots on them.


Sarah used to be the one who "thought she was the boss". She was mean to her siblings and made them do the chores. But this additude wasn't Sarah's fault, her mom was the one to tell her to act like that. Mrs. Augustine was the mean one and only likes Sarah. But now, Sarah is nice and sweet.


Sarah only has 3 known family members which is her little sister, Naomi Augustine and little brother, Xander Fern, who is adopted. Along with their mom, Addie Augustine.

Sarah is in love with Jacob Quinly. They are not showing signs of breakup.



Acting asEdit

  • None for now