Xander Fern
Xander Fern
Full Name Xael Xander Fern
Nickname(s) Xander, X
Gender Male
Age 16
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Unknown
Vital Status Alive and Healthy
Identification Number Unknown
Family Naomi Augustine
Sarah Augustine
Friends Jacob Quinly
Nebula Eclipse
Bernard Brownie
Peter Brownie
Sarah Augustine
Romances Star Eclipse (admired)
Enemies Unknown


Xander has deep black fur with white fur in the middle. He has green eyes.


Xander is a huge gamer but is still respected by the boys. He owns a original NES. He doesn't like to talk too much unless he needs to, or has catnip. Once he does have catnip he becomes extremely outgoing and spunky.


Xander doesn't really have any crushes or relationships other than Zephyr having a crush on him. He was adopted at age 3 to the Augustine family.


  • He was adopted at age 3
  • He has a original NES with 180+ games
  • He once took over Chilly's Crew when Chilly was very sick.
  • Xander is going to be completing Mega Man X Series (1-6)

Acting asEdit

No one for now.